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MONDAY - 'Monday Mostly Men'  £15

Relaxed & enjoyable session open to all.

* Qualified Artist & Art Teacher

* All materials provided (Conditions apply)

* Tea/Coffee & Biscuits

Men! This Art course has been created especially for you!


Art has scientifically proven links to improving the mind and brain including; increasing plasticity, boosting memory, critical thinking as well as problem solving.


If you have time on your hands or are even retired and would like to keep your brain alert, why not take up a new challenge; drawing and painting could be your new hobby. 


Art House Art School is not one of those places that all the students draw or paint the same pretty picture or follow an instructors demonstration, there are plenty other classes 

that offer this.


Here at the Art School you will learn the skills and techniques in order to create your own unique Art Works that you can be proud of have mounted, framed and hung.


These sessions are learner centred therefore you can explore both materials and subjects that inspire you.


Katrina is on hand to support, challenge and stretch you, so that you can develop your skills to become a proficient artist.

This course is currently Monday 1.30pm - 3.30pm  Includes Refreshments & Materials.

(Canvasses and watercolour paper extra). 

First session Free. £15 per session.

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - 'Foundation Approach'

Inspired by my own Art  College experience, ‘The Foundation Approach’ is an exciting and fast paced practical course designed to progress students by stretching and challenging, underpinned with historical context throughout. 


WEDNESDAY - 'Wednesday Workshops' £45 pp. (To be updated)

10am - 4pm. (1/2 hr lunch) Bring a packed lunch or book a table at a local pub.

( Other days by appointment pre-booked only)

Interested in the workshops below please contact me for a chat as I am in the process of updating them thak you Katrina 

Choose From:

* Collograph: Making & Printing. 13/10/21 13/04/21

Using flowers & leaves from the garden taking a combination of recycled materials you will make a collograph substrate then print from it. You should finish at least three prints in this workshop ready to frame.

Lino Cut & Printing.  10/11/21 09/03/22

Come, Design, Carve and print a lovely scene inspired by the seasons, Katrina will guide you through the process of this enjoyable art-form from drawing board to print. You should leave with at least one print ready to frame.

* Memorable Mosaics. 08/12/21 09/02/22

This is an introduction to mosaic making, you will design and make a mosaic ornament using recycled, broken china. You are welcome to bring pieces of your china or memorabilia to the class to make your own beautiful keepsake


* Acrylic Painting: Taster Workshop. 12/01/22

Join Katrina on this one day workshop she will guide you through Acrylic painting techniques, explore colour mixing & create a piece of your own art-work on canvas.


* Collage: Unleash your creativity. 08/06/22

This is a fun relaxing one day workshop, Katrina will introduce you to several different collagists and their styles then you will create your own collage.

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THURSDAY - ‘Art / Coffee / Chat’ £12

The therapeutic and mindful process of making art releases dopamine in the brain,

this helps us feel joy and relieves stress,

* Qualified Artist & Art Teacher

* All materials provided (Conditions apply)

* Tea/Coffee & Biscuits


This is a very relaxed Art Group meeting once a week, Thursday mornings. The emphasis is on enjoying the process of creating art in a calm and friendly environment. You may do as much or as little as you wish there is no pressure, enjoy a coffee and a biscuit and leave all your worries at home. This is a lovely way to meet and form friendships as well as pursuing an enjoyable past-time.


The therapeutic and mindful process of making art releases dopamine in the brain, this helps us feel joy and relieves stress, thus supporting your mental health and wellbeing. It has also been found to help improve problem solving and memory no matter what age you are. 


There is an array of art materials to choose from including; acrylic paints, watercolours, pastels, collage materials and various forms of printing. There is always a selection of still-life objects and reference pictures or you can always bring your own inspiration. Katrina is on hand to support you with ideas and technical aspects tailoring sessions specifically for you.


Once a month Katrina facilitates a taster workshop to encourage students to try something new by introducing  materials, techniques and disciplines. 


Why not come along on a Thursday Morning and find out more - 

Thursdays 10am -12 noon.

All materials, Coffee & Biscuits included! £12