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Foundation Approach

One Year Six Women Artists: I am so looking forward to delving into these women artists and learning about their Art and Life. We will explore how these artists made their own art and respond to this through our own creative journey employing their styles and subject matter and then we will bounce off each artist pushing our own art practice. 



I'm Katrina Atkinson Multidisciplinery

Artist & Teacher. I facilitate weekly classes for both adults and children

as well as some exciting workshops.

I look forward to working with you! :)





I have been attending the Foundation class at the Art School Cheddar for five years. During this time I have experienced painting with acrylic and watercolour, collage, printing and working in 3D. Katrina is inspirational and challenges each member of the group to achieve their potential. ‘Art Tuesday’ is my favourite day of the week;I love it!

Inspired by my own art college experience, ‘The Foundation Approach’ is an exciting and fast paced practical course designed to progress student's ability by stretching and challenging, underpinned with historical context throughout. 



If you want to really delve into your art and challenge your own practice this is the ideal course for you. 'The Foundation Approach' is designed for novice art students who wish to create a portfolio of work and can be a stepping stone to further education. However, it equally works for those who wish to continue at Art House Art School as each year the themes change.

The group dynamic is supportive and everyone encourages one another. The art works created over the year culminates into an end of year art exhibition. 


One Year: Six Women Artists.

This is going to be an exciting year. You learn traditional techniques and experiment with a variety of media and themes through the eyes of six women artists: 

Mary Cassatt, (1844. - 1926) Kathe Kollwitz, (1867 - 1945) Dame Laura Knight, (1877 - 1970) Hannah Hoch, (1889 - 1978) Marlene Dumas. (1953 - present) Lubaina Himid (1956 - present). You will  spend one term (Approx 6weeks) deconstructing each artist. respond to their art and life, explore their approach and reinvent concepts with your own personal viewpoint and contemporary perspective. This course is a rollercoaster of a journey which will challenge and stretch you in a supportive group and help you find your own creative journey. Lovely classroom facilities, A large variety of materials including, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, charcoals, printmaking materials, inks, collage materials. Sessions are facilitated by dual professional Artist and teacher Katrina Atkinson. There will be films, Slide shows, handouts and field trips and end of year exhibition. 


All students receive a termly brief and handouts accompany the course.

There is an array of materials available including: pencils, colour pencils, pastels, charcoal, watercolours, acrylics, collage materials and printing facilities,

Paper is also included however please note: restrictions on watercolour paper and canvases. Either bring along or purchase at the art school. 

Students have access to a variety of books, art magazines and other resources such as still life objects. 


As a group we go on field trips to art galleries. Trips have included; Hauser and Worth, Arnolfini, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, The RWA, The Victoria Art Gallery and The Holborn Museum. 

(We usually car share). 

End of Term we often have a shared lunch in the classroom studio or in the garden, other meet ups include meals out, drinks from time to time especially Christmas. 


This is a one year course it is pre-booked and paid termly. Most materials are included however there are caveats on Canvases & Watercolour paper due to the cost. 

The Spring Term Dates: Tuesdays, 10 am - 4pm (Ideal for mums) 

January  9th / 16th / 23rd, 30th February 6th 

(Half Term Feb 13th)

February 20th / 27th / March 5th / 12th / 19th, 26th.

x 11 sessions  = £275.00 (works out £25 per day). 


For further details please contact Katrina: 

or Call her: 07817907578 or if you are passing by the Art School drop in. 

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