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Over 6 weeks you will explore 6 different media & disciplines:

1) Pencil/Graphite Drawing, 2) Charcoal drawing, 3) Watercolour painting 4) Collage making, 5) Acrylic painting, 6) Print making……



I'm Katrina Atkinson Multidisciplinery

Artist & Teacher. I facilitate weekly classes for both adults and children

as well as some exciting workshops.

I look forward to working with you! :)





The carousel course was a very interesting introduction to six different techniques, suitable for anyone, even someone like me with very little free time, who hadn't done art before. I found it really enjoyable, with just the right balance of challenge and support. Katrina was very kind and helpful, and provided really useful handouts full of interesting information. I surprised myself by making several really lovely small pieces of art. I would highly recommend the course, especially to people who want to explore art but aren't sure where to start.

The beauty of this course is that you are introduced to a variety of media. At the end of six weeks you can specialise for another 6 weeks, then, jump on the Carousel and rotate again; thus building and developing the skills you have learned.



You will be given handouts to accompany the course for your future reference. 

  • All materials provided for the course.

  • Materials list for you to purchase your own tool kit should you wish to do so. 

  • Refreshments include; beverage of choice & biscuit.

  • Katrina is always happy to critique and support remotely if you wish to practice any techniques at home in your own time. 

WK 1: Pencil / Graphite

1: Tool Kit: Tools you need to create pencil drawings (what’s necessary or not?).

2: Introduction to mark-making & tonal values.

3: Shapes.

4: Form.

5: Shading.

WK 2: Charcoal

1: Tool Kit: Tools you need to create charcoal drawings.

2: Ways of using charcoal including mark-making and tonal value light/dark.

3: Basic measuring for observational drawing. 

4: Reference materials or still life.

Wk 3: Watercolours

1: Tool Kit: Tools you need to create watercolour paintings. 

2: Traditional techniques.

3: Contemporary techniques.

4: Watercolour Worlds.

5: Creating a watercolour using the techniques you have learned through the session.

WK 4: Collage Making

1: Tool Kit: What you need to create a collage. 

2: Collage techniques, styles & genres. 

3: Katrina will demonstrate her own technique she has developed.

4: You will begin your own collage and leave with everything you need to continue at home. 

      (Collage can take time, trust the process). 

WK 5: Acrylic Painting

1: Tool Kit: Tools you need to create acrylic paintings & colour choices. 

2: Techniques including impasto & glazing 

3: Colour mixing.

4: Explore creating an acrylic painting using some techniques learned.

5: Choice of reference material

WK 6: Printmaking: 

1: Tool Kit: Tools you need to create print making without a big spend. 

2: Introduction to several printmaking methods. 

3: Explore several techniques. (Two hours is a very short time for this medium however we will achieve several results). 

4: Reference materials available.


This course runs three times a year in January, April & September.

Thursday afternoons 1pm - 3pm 


For more information on course content, prices and dates, feel free to pop in to the Art School or contact me on my mobile.

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