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Katrina Atkinson BA Hons Dual professional Mixed Media Artist & Teacher runs the Art House Art School Cheddar, facilitating groups and workshops in a multitude of media for both Adults & Children. 


Katrina has chosen to launch a brand new body of exciting Art works for SAW 2021. Never before inspired to create landscapes, feeling nothing could be added to the perfection of nature.


2020 Lockdown hit, the busy life Katrina was used to came to a halt; after the initial shock she would go out for her daily exercise, immersing herself in nature and absorbing the wonderful local environment particularly the peace and wonderment of The Cheddar Gorge. The dynamic and splendour of the craggy rocks, contrasting with the fluidity of the curvy road. With a new perspective Katrina was inspired to experiment; In response she began to explore possibilities of how to portray the reverence that the rocks deserve, in their ever changing splendour. Harsh and scraggy, textures of the mendips stone and the reflections of colours from the sun bouncing around the walls of the gaping chasm with splashes of foliage and grasses. 


Reaching for the nearest medium she became excited by the vibrancy, as well as the detailed subtlety and the fluidity that could be achieved with watercolours. Chinese brushes, bamboo reed pens and sticks are her favourite tools. Working mainly wet on wet ‘using the accident’ allowing the paint to run and splash reflecting nature and opening the door of possibilities; revealing emerging surprises. Katrina’s aim was to push the work from the representational towards abstraction evoking the feeling and aura of The Cheddar Gorge culminating in a range of exciting, bold artworks. 

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