Welcome back I’m excited to get back to facilitating Art for all! :)

I am very much looking forward to returning to near normal as we can. I have made a few changes to keep everyone as safe as possible as I do run classes and groups for all ages, therefore will adhere to

GOV Health and Safety advice COVID 19.


I have separated students as much as possible for social distancing thus reduced the number of students in a group. 


Entering The Art School foyer there is a Sanitising Station.


Sign in This information is to assist with my records and track and trace should I need the documentation. 


I am only holding one class a day initially to allow time for sanitising, everything will be cleaned prior to each session. (There are a few new classroom rules).


Visors will be available to wear, this will become yours,  please label they can then re-use weekly, it will be cleaned between use. I will also have disposable masks should you require them. 


Drinks please collect them one at a time from drinks station. Once finished return cup pour slops into pot provided and pop cup into disinfected water. 


Toilets please use disinfectant spray and blue paper to wipe around sink and toilet after use, dispose of blue paper in bag provided. (Not the Toilet)


Materials Brushes/tools used throughout session leave on work station. If collecting paint please use sanitising cloths/ spay  to wipe before and after use. (gloves available).


I have had to adjust fees slightly to accommodate the sanitising and extra cleaning as well as the reduction of students per class in the view to still deliver quality classes with plenty of materials available.


Feeling Unwell. Should you feel unwell please Do Not to come to the Art class.